Arkansas Health Insurance

Do you find it difficult to obtain health insurance in Arkansas? If you're part of Arkansas' uninsured population, 18% of people, maybe you are looking in the wrong places or maybe you aren't quite sure what you're looking for. To help you find suitable health insurance for you and your family, you may want to consult with an advisor. Of course, you also have the option of consulting with yourself - just ask yourself simple questions to help determine which type of policies to look for; then see which answers carry more weight than others. If you or your family has pre-existing health conditions, you may find that it can be very hard to find a plan that will accept you or give you an affordable rate.

Health Insurance Options

A large part of those insured in Arkansas get coverage from employers. Others from individual plans, or Medicaid. But if you and your family have been faced with denial and high premium rates for medical conditions, you may want to consider getting an HSA, or Health Savings Account. With this option, you will receive a savings account with tax benefits, allowing you to withdraw and deposit money that is tax-deferred. You can only use the money for medical reasons and if you've chosen an account that acts as an IRA, you will be able to use the money accumulated for retirement - you must be at retirement age to avoid paying penalties.

You can also look into getting individual health insurance and COBRA. You can receive COBRA from your employer; this is an extension of your current health insurance policy and will keep you and your family covered for a short period of time, allowing you to search for another job or health insurance plan.

If you or your child just graduated from college and will be entering the work force, you can look into getting a health plan for recent grads. Most family health plans only cover children up to a certain age, usually between 18 and 21. Children can also receive coverage through ARkids B, Arkansas's children's health program.